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Introduction - Preface

 Story Author and Narrator Tim Phillips

 Thank you for your interest in my book. I hope you enjoy it and find the story interesting. It is a difficult story to write because sadly it represents, the worst experience of my life. Reading back through the lies in conversations that meant a lot, realizing you were only being deceived is a difficult pill to swallow.

But you come to accept the person you were only trying to help, was only trying to harm you. 

There is no joy in doing harm to one of the people in your life you felt the most  for. None of the past 5 years has been fun, some is necessary.

I tried, and I cannot put to words, how hard I tried. To find this was all a big  mistake and we got it all wrong. That the most wonderful girl I ever met in my life was not what she appeared now to be. I kept hoping someone would prove me wrong.   

"You keep looking for some good in her Tim and if you continue, it will break  you" Serbian Guy in discussion about Anka. 

Although I have an unbelievable amount of evidence. Yes I wanted it to be false.  I refused to believe Anka would do such things to me.

But the more I looked, it got worse, not better. There was nothing good to be found about Anka Sara Zecevic, the stories dated back 17 years.

Only more victims and more horror stories and more members of her home town, Bajina Basta,  telling stories or telling me, she was just stealing. Going as far as to publically name previous victims in FB.

Defamation is destroying someone's good character with lies. There is no  possibility of that here. Anka Sara Zecevic's known public character could not have been worse. 

The girl we met, no matter how hard you looked. Swhe as nothing like the real Anka turned out to be. Similar to a horror show, one day the mask is removed and the monster is revealed.

There is a naiveté to life, that we all hold very precious. That part of us that  dreams and believes those dreams can really come true. That part of us that however naive, allows us to love and be vulnerable to love . 

This is not a story about a relationship gone wrong. There was never any  relationship. This is not a love story, only 1 person felt any love. 

We all have a fantasy person we have seen in our dreams. You know not who they are or where they are, but you have seen flashes of their face in your thoughts and dreams. You know they are out there somewhere. Some find that person, others die looking.

When I met Anka, I knew I had found and met that person. The girl of my dreams. There was never a question, I had found an angel. Exactly what she wanted me to believe. But there was no angel, only evil to be found.

No normal human being could ever have imagined what was to come. The  incredible lying and deceit, nobody could believe someone would spend the better part of 2 years lying constantly. Even about things there is no reason to lie about. Insane stories about illnesses, suicide, money.

Thousands of hours in conversations, telling lie after lie after lie. It is really quite incredible. Making Life plans with no intention of following through with anything. But doing it to multiple people at the same time. 

"She Left A Trail Of Destruction" - Bajina Basta Resident About Anka

34,100 text messages Anka thought she had successfully destroyed held the secrets to all of it. Together the Serbian Guy and I were able to piece together Anka's web of insane lies and deceit. We found who she really was in the Viber text and it was shocking to read again, nothing but lies.

I think it is rare to have so many examples from 1 sociopathic woman and be able to follow her psycho trail of insanity for so long. Add to that the report submitted by the Serbian guy. Two people saying the exact same things, showing a diaboical, evil pattern, to win men's trust and take apart and control their lives. 

In this book you will see how far she was willing to take her game to control  your life. Your living situation, work, life, dreams, nothing is spared by this woman.

Even though theft and money is involved and that is the real crime. This is not a story about a mere thief. Money is not the issue here. Trust is.

This story is about a woman, that much like a vampire, sucks the blood of her  victims until they have nothing left for her to take. Then she attacks you for the broken person you have become due to the attack on your life she carried out, she now blames you for. They call that a sociopath.

Anka Sara Zecevic is a master of deceit and ability to turn every situation around on you. As we found, every time we believed there was an issue with Anka's honesty, that she denied. We had gotten it right, everytime. 

One day the mask of lies and deceit is removed and you will never be the same person again. Because what she steals from you is far more valuable than money. Trusting again after a person like this does not come easy.

There is no worse human being that one who uses love and someones dreams to use, lie, cheat, steal and psycho manipulate them.

I hope you enjoy reading the story.  I pray nobody else experiences such a horrible thing in their lives.

Nobody deserves to have such an evil person take over their life, deceiving you using Love, Trust and you are best friends. . 

People have said to me, "you should never give someone money".

To answer that comment. I did the right  thing when someone I loved told me she had no money, no breakfast for her son and she was scared. I did what I would hope every man would do in that situation. I would do the same thing again. I could not take the chance and never questioned the story. 

The sad part is after an experience like this, love is the last thing in life you want. As my best bud Ed who recently passed away from cancer made me think. It would be too bad in what was always a great life I had. If the last person I ever said I Love You to, turned out to be Anka Sara Zecevic. The most horrible human being I have ever met. But that may be my fate.

Where do you go from there? When you finally found the girl of your dreams and she turns out to be this person, a monster. I guess that is the part in your thoughts and dreams, you could never see.

Sometimes dreams turn out to be nightmares.

Being a decent human being is on me, I tried to help the girl I loved have a better life, even though it was damaging my life, I was proud to help Anka. Or the loving caring Anka, I believed she was. That she is not.

Being a lying sciopath and a thieving psycho manipulator with no conscience or remorse, is on Anka. We know now, who she really is.

As you read the story there is always the one possibility that we got it all wrong. Anka was not scamming or stealing just living her life. The problem with that is, nothing explains all the fake illnesses and insane manipulation presented by both gentleman who report in this story.

Nothing explains the Hollywood act her son is sick, she is scared of the night, only to take off for a holiday with some guy the next morning. Nothing explains those incidents except you are dealing with a horrible woman and lying human being with no sense of Morality or Conscience.

One incident story would be one thing. When you add up all of the reports in this story and the constant lying. You cannot help to see.


Tim Phillips... Narrator and Author