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"You Own Everything That Happened To You
Tell Your Stories
If People Wanted You To Write Warmly About Them
They Should Have Behaved Better"
Anne Lamott

The Moral Of This Story

The Devil Does Not Come To You
With Red Face And Horns

She Comes Disguised
As Everything You Have Ever Wanted

Author Unknown

A Simple Definition Of Truth : ............. "To Not Lie"


"Unfortunately this is not a story, this is not a fairy tale, this is not an ideal.
But something that most resembles a maze of deceit" 

Serbian Gentleman Also Involved With Anka Sara

Izvestaj u Srpski Click Here


Welcome To


two years in the clutches of a lying psychopath

As the original story was compiled over a period of time, as new information about Anka's past came in.  The Story was confusing and lacked any timeline.

As well, the original website was not well put together in the haste and frenzy of the moment. 200,000+ have seen the popular story.

I was told it was difficult to follow along with any story timeline of events and how everything occured. 

That has now been resolved.

The story now has a been better layout to allow people to best understand the events and timeline..... A direct look at how a Con Artist/ Love Scammer operates and what she puts her victims through. 

Table Of Contents Click Here 

Chapter Story Links Are Also Listed Just Below On This Page


On a morning from a Bogart movie in a country where they turn back time...... She doesnt give you time for questions as she locks your arm in hers and your sense of which direction completely disappears.... 

"The Year Of The Cat"... Al Stewart


The Story:

A True Story About One Soulless, Evil Woman. The Angel You Believed You Met And The Horror Film Monster She Turned Out To Be, Once Her Mask Was Removed. 

Her Incredible Never Ending Lying, Love Fraud And Psycho Emotional Manipulation. A Woman Using Her Son And Love To Steal And Control.

A Story About Money Fraud, Fake Illnesses, Insane Stories, Suicide Threats, Heroin And Prostitution. A Woman Who Is Always The Victim. 

And The People She Says "I Love You" To, She Then Coldly Destroys.

If You Have Never Seen "THE TRUE FACE OF EVIL" ???

Take A Long Look Into Anka's Eyes In Her Photos. Then Read This Story. You Will Surely Have Seen It Then.

Enjoy The Book, And Thanks For Supporting Honesty

Book In Progress ~~ Publish Date Nov 2019

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*+ Dedications "In Her Own Words" Book Dedications Click

*+ xxx: Author Introduction - Book Preface Click

*+ Chapter 1: Report From Serbian Gentleman (Izvestaj U Sprski) Click

*+Chapter 2: Meeting Anka, The Early Fantasy Days Click

* Chapter 3: He Has Brain Cancer... A Lying Psycho Creates A Story Click

* Chapter 4: Not Paid At Fan Radio, Using Her Son To Steal Click

* Chapter 5: 2 Cellos, The Lies, Concert and Anka's Sleaze Hotel Act Click

* Chapter 6: Bogdanci Family Home, "Move In" Click 

* Chapter 7: Lake Ohrid, Bogdanci Summer. Did She Abandon Sick Kid? Click

* Chapter 8: OMG Your Birthday Click 

* Chapter 9: Anka's Hollywood Fake Suicide , Jumping Off The Drina Bridge

* Chapter 10: Anka Guy,  Mistakenly Sent Photo And The Funny Lies She Tells

* Chapter 11: 3 Months Of Lies, Deceit And Prostitution Horror In Sofia

* Chapter 12: Anka's Lying House Of Cards Crumbles, Caught In Lies And Runs

* Chapter 13: Exposing The Scammer Worldwide

* Chapter 14: The Scammer Today

* Epilog And Final Words

"Be Careful Who You Trust

The Devil Was Once An Angel"

The Star Of The Show 
Introducing "Anka Sara Zecevic"
World Famous Psycho Serbian Dating Scammer
Bajina Basta, Serbia - Fan Radio 94.7 FM Disc Jockey

The Girl Of Your Dreams - The Demon Of Your Nightmares

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Story Credits:  As I have done since Day 1, everyone who has spoken to me has been and will remain  "anonymous contributors" to the story. As nobody has yet called me a liar, my credibility is not in question here. I am happy to answer any questions about the story, at the web address below.
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