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Chapter 3
"I Am Not Paid At Fan Radio"

Anka Uses Her Sons Hunger To Steal

With Added Chapter Story "Anka Returns"

"I Am Not Paid At Fan Radio,
I Have No Breakfast For
My Son, I Am Scared"

If told that what would you do...?
Likely, you too just got scammed.

The day Anka informed me of the above information, I was very upset
and concerned about her situation. I believe that I did what any guy
in that situation would do, if the woman you loved told you that.

I never even considered she would be lying about that. In 9 months I
had known Anka, she would never discuss financial or money issues.
I Wire Transferred money to her the next day, the right thing to do.

"She Left A Trail Of Destruction. You Are Lucky To Have Your Life Some Are Not.
You Save Your Life Guy. Poison Comes In Small Pretty Packages"

 In Conversation With Bajina Basta Resident, Explaining Anka's Past. 

That is what Anka was counting on, knowing I would never allow
that to happen if there was anything I could do to solve it.
What type of woman uses her son and hunger to lie cheat and steal??

Anka was being paid at Fan Radio, the boss was not a nasty gay
man who abused Anka, but her 4 year lover, she chose to paint
as the bad guy to be able to steal. The story continued until her
final days at Fan Radio in May 2015. She has since returned. 

If you read the report from the Serbian Guy,
you noticed she was using me next as the boss that was not
paying her for work online, the exact same lying story. Incredible!!!

The missing parts of the story for me were provided by the Serbian guy
who knew about her relationship at Fan Radio and the people from
Bajina Basta that reported on her past. Also that Anka as far
as he knew did not have a money issue, not being paid at work.

These are not long story posts, but snippets of her continuing the
not paid lies, using her friends and boss/lover as bad guys.

The sad part of this Chapter of the story is. It was all totally not necessary.
She never needed to make up lying stories to get me to help her. I never asked 
where she spent it or how she spent it. I knew she could use the money. Sadly as
with everything else, it was always another lie. Instead of just stating what she needed
she manipulated me into worrying and feeling bad for her. 

But as you read it is good to keep in mind that she is making life plans with at least
3 people, at one time. Quite possibly 4 or 5. 

Anka is always a victim of someone or something. Always painting herself
as a victim of Life in Serbia or being a sad single mother.

Some parts of the story are difficult to comment on because remembering
the conversation and above screenshot. It is hard to read moments like
that. Where the simple fact you love someone, your love and life
dreams are being used against you, when to you it meant everything.