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Chapter One
Chapter 2
Meeting Anka Sara - The Early Fantasy Days

Thank You God, I Have Met An Angel.
Or Have I ?? Guess Not.....


The Original Photo that I saw Anka on was one with a colleague.
Soon after we started to talk the photo above appeared.  

The Early Fantasy Days

To better understand this chapter, please first read,

Introduction and Izvestaj-U-Srpski sections. Click below.

Izvestaj U Srpski

Chapter Preface:

This part of the story has few supporting documents. Which will be explained in text below. It covers the period from meeting to the first break up, 5 months later. This was when I began to First notice some very odd behavior. Something never seemed to quite add up. Then one day, everything changed, including the girl.

I did find it interesting when I inquired after meeting Serb guy that exactly like myself, even using the same terms "cleanse my life" had deleted everything he had about Anka except he found one photo.

Anka said to me "it seems you want to cleanse me from your life". I would guess she has heard that often.

Chapter 2 - The Early Fantasy Days

It was just another day as the Admin of an international dating site. Signed in, removed the usual overnight fake profiles, answered mail and headed off to the Chat Room to see the Moderators and talk to friends.

But today there was a new person chatting away who seemed to have command and the attention of the entire chat room. sara~on~line, female 29 years old, Country, Serbia. I looked into it and found a 9 year member of the site. Never thought much of it. But it was clear she wanted peoples attention. Members like Anka are good for the chat.

Personally having lived in Croatia, I cannot say at that moment I was very interested in a woman from Serbia. 

Our first private interaction and let me give you a bit of information on Chat Rooms. It is like a big soap opera where everyone is in everyone elses business. That said. I had a long time issue with a guy from the Netherlands and another member came to me with a discussion Anka and this guy had. Seemingly she was to talk to me about getting off of his back.

So I approached her and explained my position in private, which seemingly she agreed with and that was the end of the discussion. She seemed like a nice lady.

The next day when I signed in I was met with a hello from her in PM (private chat) and it all began. 

We spent over 8 hours chatting away that first day. Anka did 90% of the talking as she began to create the perfect fantasy girl of my dreams. While at the same time portraying herself as a victim of life in Serbia, a girl that had no dreams left and was always sad. No men in her life and men in Serbia do not want a single woman with a child, only for sex. Nobody wants to love Anka, only fuck her. Most of the 1st night she complained about a Serbian Cop who was her lover and how poorly he treated her. 

The 2nd night was much the same but she added an unforgettable text message she said she had received from another guy she had told she only wanted a relationship, not just sex. "Dont fuck with me, I told you I would fuck you, take it or leave it". I am quite sure now there was no text message. As Anka creates herself as the victim.

We spent that first few weeks and the first 4 months, 12-18 hours a day talking. No matter when I signed in she was waiting for me. Anka made herself the first thing I heard from in the morning and the last good nite before I slept. It seemed we were just having fun.

Then one day, maybe we had been speaking 10 days..... and I will say it seemed we got along pretty well. Anka said "I just want to say I love you, is that ok?" At that moment her claws are in you and there is no possibility you can imagine what is ahead. She has successfully created a fantasy girl who is a decent, honest woman and a caring mother. But none of it is the truth. As I was to find out much later, Anka began telling lies the first night, she never stopped.

Very little about how Anka represented herself was the truth. Only the Heroin stories in the end were true. You ask yourself again and again. What is in it for someone to lie to someone else everyday, day and night for almost 2 years. 

For the next 3 months you could not have asked for a better woman in your life. Although obviously troubled, Anka is a sweet Angel. She convinces you she has found happiness. We talked day and night. I heard I love you, 100 times a day. She was always there.

I cannot remember a time when I was happier in my life, you believe you have met the girl of your dreams. But there is still the real girl to come, as you have not yet met the real Anka Sara. The girl you fell in love with one day will disappear, because she does not exist.

She told all the women in chat, let the rumors and story fly about how happy she was and everything was great and how much she loved me. Successfully at that point isolating me from other women interested in me. I told her we should keep it quiet. Anka's response " I just want to shout it out to the world". When the story broke about the truth, other women in the site said, she lied to and used us too. They were not pleased at all.

Unlike what the Serbian guy reported I did not in the beginning feel manipulated, Anka during the first 5 month period never wanted to discuss money. To be honest, we just seemed to be having fun. I made no attempts to get away from her to see her reaction to it as he did. There was really no reason for me to question anything.

There was one time she gave me a glimpse of the real Anka. Her son was in Belgrade with his father during a flood and his apartment close to the river was flooded. She was worried, I understood that, but I saw a nasty, cold part of her I had never before seen and it shocked me a little bit because it was far out of character for the girl I believed she was or what I had seen for months. I wrote it off as stress about her son, a big mistake. Because for the first time, I got to see who the real girl was, behind the mask. `

<Note: If you read the Izvestaj U Srpski section, you are likely remembering to here, it is the same exact story he told in his report>


                                            Anka's 30th Birthday Surprise Party Cake

Things between us began to progress and we made plans for the future and I started to get my life in order to head to Serbia. Anka informed me that she would be going to Bogdanci, Macedonia where they have a family home, for the month of June because Lake Dojran has healing properties for her sons Asthma. 

While she was there she would turn 30 years old. Wanting the girl I loved to have the best birthday ever, I set up a surprise party in Macedonia, long before she arrived. I searched FB for people that lived in Lake Dojran, found what appeared to be a nice guy with a pretty wife and daughter and sent him a friend request. My lucky day, a friend of his wifes is one of the local cake makers and he told me Fish Restaurant Elita is the finest restaruant there. I set it all up for her birthday night and sent off a Western Union to Elita, who paid the cake maker when she delivered the cake and the single rose. It was all perfect.

The day I told her about the dinner, she said "Nobody has ever done anything for me like that before". She told everyone at the website it was the best birthday dinner and cake ever. 

The month in Bogdanci, I called on the phone usually twice a day to "I Love You" from Anka. Telling me I could call anytime 24 hours a day who would ever think there was any problem at all. She did once while there tell me she was going to Lake Ohrid for several days with her cousin (the same story from the next summer that turned out to not be a cousin at all). Again no reason to question Anka, I never thought twice about it.

The last night in Bogdanci after a month, I cannot imagine a moment in my life when things seemed better. Anka said the house was full of relatives that came to say good-bye. I said to her "they love you". Anka's response turned out to be a pivotal moment in our relationship, but I did not know it. She said to me in the sexiest sweetest voice, the very special "And I love you"...... What was to come next after such a life experience, there would be no way to know.

(note: in Serbian guys report, he reports the same very special "I love you" and immediately after everything changes)

That was the last day I was to see that sweet, loving and wonderful girl. The next time Anka and I spoke, seemingly it was time for me to meet the real Anka. 

For 5 months, I awoke to the Viber Cow Bell and a long list of I love You's. Went to sleep at night to the same. Anka was there every night to say good night to me, "I will be here when you wake up". Usually sending me a message to wake me up in the morning.

I wish I could explain what happened between Bogdanci and Bajina Basta on the bus ride home. Not being a psychologist there is no possibility to know what you are seeing and experiencing. No possibility you see that you are in the clutches of a sociopath who is finished playing games with you and is now ready to deposit you as trash. 

Upon her return everything had changed. Anka no longer wants me to come to Serbia. I am to be limited to only calling and speaking to her while at work. I just cannot explain in simple terms the cold, uncaring and nasty person she turned into from a simple bus ride. Suddenly there is no good night from Anka. No communication, nothing. 

As was the case throughout the ordeal questioning her about anything means she turns the entire story around on you for questioning her. I had enough of it in August and things between us went down hill fast. It was confusing as to what happened to the girl that you met because this person was clearly not her. She could not longer care if you lived or died. This was the worst period of the 2 years, she is seriously hurting you and could not care less.

This continued for the entire month of August until it became apparent after the "boss at fan radio is gay" story she was not telling the truth about him. When I questioned her she screamed at me" You think I am fucking someone". No I knew you were and who it was, I was correct.

We finally stopped talking totally about August 28th. At that point only wanting this evil woman out of my life I removed everything from my computer that had anything to do with Anka.

Why this chapter is different than the others, everything was deleted. She said "you seem like you want to just cleanse me from your life". Yes I did and oddly that is exactly what the Serbian guy said when I asked him what he still had from her. He said nothing I wanted her totally out of my life, I deleted everything.  

But I just never understood like he seemed to, what I was experiencing. I am guessing knowing the language and talking to her on the phone he noticed things I was unable to. I had never before been around someone like that. The lies began the first night and never stopped. But I never knew that at this point. I just broke up with someone I truly loved, who was not real. But something never added up about her, something was not quite right. But Anka is an expert at lying and deceit. 

I can only compare this period to this. You are with a snake that has always been your friend. Then one day with no warning, it bites you. Why did it bite you? Because it is a snake and you can never trust a snake to begin with.

How was it possible the most wonderful woman you have ever in your life met is this. How can Anka be who she appears to be now. The most horrible woman you have ever met. It just never made any sense, at least not yet.

We exchanged notes on my birthday, a month later and did not speak again until I sent her a song quote in November. She responded....... 

The story continues in Chapter 3  "He Has Brain Cancer"

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