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"In Her Own Words"

p[atwo years in the clutches of a lying psychopath

Book Dedications


"This book is dedicated to the most wonderful woman I have ever met. Sadly, I cannot name that  wonderful woman, she does not exist. A mere fantasy created by a lying psychopath to fool me into believing she was a loving, caring and decent woman, someone I could trust and believe in. 

So I dedicate this book to the girl of my dreams. Maybe it is fitting that girl was just a made up fake and turned out, after her mask was removed. To be the most horribly evil lying human being, I have ever met in my life.

I will still always miss that girl, real or not, she was incredible. What she 
turned out to be, is something out of a bad horror film. You will meet the unmasked girl in this story, as she is the "star."

And most importanty to my best bud Ed Lucero, who said if I wrote the story, we could get a TV mini series lol. Without his friendship and wisdom, I may very well not have made it through this. Nobody expects the worst experience of my life.
Ed was around on the first day Anka and I spoke and there to hold me together on the last, when the insane truth about her finally emerged. 

Sadly, recently he succumb to cancer and passed April 21, 2019 and will never get to see it finished. 5 years ago, I had everything in life that I wanted, the best friend a guy could ever have and the girl of his dreams.
Today it is all gone, nothing but memories. But I know he is watching. Thanks Bro, for everything. I am really going to miss you, my friend. 

Lastly to my Serbian Friend who without his coming forward, there would be no story to tell. I hope whatever he is doing, he has put this horrible experience with Anka Sara behind him and is happy, enjoying his life. 
He never deserved the evil fate she brought to him, a decent honest guy.
As he said "it may hurt, but we found the truth".......... Yes we did bro :)