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"In Her Own Words

Two Years In The Clutches Of A Lying Psychopath

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Table Of Contents 

Table Of Contents

Please note:

Attempts by Anka to destroy all evidence and Entire Viber conversations were not successful. I was able to recover over 34,100 text messages, photos, etc. Which was only 50% of the conversations. The first 9 months were totally lost. Screenshots used to tell this story were compiled from several sources.

1- from a computer that had a partial save

2- droid 3 and 4 phones

3- software program to recover Viber conversations when a thief attempts to delete the entire conversation. (most of what you will see)

A few are hazy but readable from computer, 95% are easily read and clear. 

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2 - Meeting Anka - The Early Fantasy Days Click

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5 - 2 Cellos Concert, 2 Months of Lies Going To Concert With Tina Click

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