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"He Has Inoperable Brain Cancer"

Uhhh, No,....... He Did Not

Not long after Anka and I started to talk again, she mentioned that she was having headaches and chest pains. As I came to find out from the Serbian Guy who spoke to Anka on the telephone almost everyday. There were no headaches or chest pains that he knew about and that he remembered Anka was never sick.

So... The Guy had a health issue but this was not it. This entire story is fantasy creation.  

In this incredibly insane moment, Anka tells a long sad psycho lying story about a young guy dying of brain cancer. When Viber text was recovered, parts of the story sounded very similar to the Serbian Guy's life, also in the story. Upon asking a few questions, I found yes, It was him and shockingly, there was no brain cancer.  

Nobody was dying and abandoned by their family with a brain tumor. A totally created story. 

Stories like this one are difficult to understand. A psycho liar who can only be attempting to manipulate you. Why create stories that have no truth to them at all? You will note in Screenshots my commenting on her Fake Headaches. 

Anka said to me "you make films up in your head". When I would question her about things made no sense. 

Yet every story she told was a fabricated Hollywood story. My Films were always the actual story, 

(Some of the story screenshots parts have been blacked out. It was about his families, personal affairs)

"He Has Brain Cancer"