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Anka Book Notification

In fairness I attempted to give Anka an opportunity to make a statement for
the book. None was received, no shock there  The letter was forwarded to
Fan Radio email and sent through the mail to her home.
I am quite sure it was received and read.

I guess when somene has 34,100 text messages containing thousands of lies,
it is difficult to say somene has misrepresented you or the story.

From: Tim Phillips. March 15, 2019

To: Anka Sara Zecevic
Subject: "In Her Own Words" Book Release

Dear Anka,

This letter is to inform you of the coming release of my new book based on the lying and scamming story with you. The book is named "In Her OwnWords" 

As you are the main character in the story this letter serves to give you the opportunity to submit a personal statement about the story and your theft, scamming and hundreds of lies. Quoted from your own posts, from Viber text you attempted to destroy.

You hereby have 45 days from date of this letter, June 1, 2019 to submit a statement. I Believe you know the issues . There should be no confusion. 

If nothing is received from you by then, publishing of the story will be completed. A copy of this letter will also be delivered to your home. 
Any submissions from you will be printed exactly as received and this letter will be included in the book as proof you were given the opportunity to explain your part of the story or make a statement. 

I do however, expect you will submit, absolutely nothing.
A copy of the finished book will be sent to you. 
Thank You... Tim