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The 2 Cellos Story
2 Months Of Lies And Fraud

This incredible story continued for over 2 months. Everyday lying about who she was going to the concert with. Using the fact that I wanted her to enjoy her life more, go do things, have some fun.

We begin the story with the initial conversation with the Serbian Guy who informs me about his year with Anka and that the concert I paid for and sent her to, she met him at a hotel for the night. Anka's hotel room act is nothing but a slut act who does not care about anyones feelings. 

Imagine how the Serbian Guy felt when I recovered the Viber Text and together we created that lovely night in a Belgrade hotel where Anka gets out of bed with the guy, standing naked texting me at 3am. He is lying in bed trying to figure out why Anka is taking Viber calls at 3am..... she is taking them from the guy who bought the tickets.

No she did not go to the concert with Tina. I doubt Tina knew anything about it. 

This is a long Chapter which covers the discussion and the lies about going to the concert in the first place and the few days of interaction while she was on the trip to Belgrade.

Anka just cannot go a day without some need to make me feel bad for her about something. You note she comments that her stomach ruined her day and her night, then the psycho laughs as she is lying. Yes I am sure in a hotel having sex all night her stomach was killing her. The Serbian Guy said, there was no stomach ache.

This is the initial reported conversation between myself and the Serbian Guy. I had started the expose campaign with a FB ad targeting Serbian Citizens and residents of Bajina Basta, hoping someone came forward with more information. I never expected this.

I had been receiving messages from Anka's friends trying to figure out exactly what was going on. A few I spoke to were shocked at what I was saying. I found a message in the original "Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer" page which was removed by FB for the "Scammer" part after I stupidly posted the Anka photo with the Devil Ears. The Serbian guy was giving me advice how to proceed, it seemed odd so I returned his messages.

I cannot explain this conversation and how horrible it felt to be told what he was saying. During our conversation he had words with Anka on the telephone, the last time she would answer his calls. Anka told him I was stalking her, that was funny and was angry he believed me. It is hard to lie when 2 guys on opposite sides of the earth are telling the exact same stories about her psycho lying behavior.

It was comical, she is talking to a guy whose emotions she had just totally destroyed, read his report, what she did to him was insane. Anka is now wondering why he did not believe her, just incredible. He stated she sounded scared on the phone. Yes she knew what was coming next. 
She was really caught this time and knew what was coming from me.

Another Victim

reposted with his permission

С-All of it and I hope she will burn in hell!
I gave her the best year of my life!
That will never go back.

Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer who ????
Anka ??

To her. She told me the same things that she has told you.
Thank you for this post.

Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
really ????.......

NOTE:( wow what a rush this conversation was I was not expecting this lol
I mean what an amazing development to the story, he is right finally
the truth for both of us........ WOW but what a devastating find)


Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
how you met her ???

That's why I want to talk to you
To make a voice call

Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
i cant do that Im in mountains
did she take money from you

When you are able to, please, inform me
She didn't, but she was telling lies.

Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
how did you meet her ??

On the Internet.

Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
did u meet her in person you are close
what site ???

I met her in person.
On krstarica site, it's a chat room in Serbia.

Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
so you were at her house

No, we met in Belgrade.
I don't know what is she doing now, or where she is.

Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
oh she was younger
i know i have home address mother knows me

No, it was in June 2015th that I met her
Where is she now?
Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
at 2 cellos concert


Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
she went to concert with you

Yes sir
We took a room for that night
Can you give me her home phone number
Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
i paid for her to go to belgrade for that concert she took money from me

So she tricked us both
Welcome to the club, sir
I've paid for the room that night

Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
told me was going with girlfriend Tina

Jesus Christ
She told me that she is working for some Canadian company online

Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
not canadian and she was just stealing she never worked

The truth, finally
I feel such a fucking relief now
Poor D-----, her son

Bajina Basta Anka Sara Zecevic Scammer
ok then u do know if u said d-----

I know everything.

From This conversation and the ensuing information that was to come from Residents of Bajina Basta we were able to bury Anka in her own lies. It was several months before all the Viber Text was recovered which showed all of her lies and deceit.


We Begin Below With Anka Setting Me Up To Get The Money For The Concert